Welcome Aboard

“In the solitude of your soul and mine … music,
its language, uplifting itself above words and their meaning…

In this last departure toward a new sailing with no return, to infinity we will cross the Sea that ahead of us calls with Rosario in our hearts as a sole guide.

Our destiny awaits us…”

The Power of Music

50 Anniversary

Five decades devoted to music in body and soul; has been the popular romantic of La Caleta of Cadiz, the Universal Composer and Pianist Felipe Campuzano.
Five fingers on each hand, to provide through his nautical and aristocratic piano, the passion of the moment.Five decades creating hits for countless domestic and foreign artists.
With his mind always on his native Cádiz, he celebrates in 2013 his 50th anniversary. Accumulating in his long and wide musical career, joys, sorrows, nostalgias, disenchantments, and a host of experiences that he has been able to cope with in silence, and has turned into cautious and sweeping concerns.
Felipe Campuzano re-edits his most emblematic works for the delight of all those lovers who know how to feel intensely the truth of Music.
So let’s render the warmest Greeting! On this, his 50th anniversary, to this great creator of La Caleta of Cadiz by the Grace of God.

Music and Poems for the Sea

Dedicated to His Royal Majesty D. Juán de Borbón, Admiral of the Spanish Navy, and to “Juan Sebastián de Elcano,” Marine Guard training ship of the Spanish Navy for its 75th anniversary and its 10th round the World journey, with the Sea of my keyboard

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